Environment & Sustainability

Dear valued Guests, kindly find below our Environmental - Sustainability initiatives..... because.... WE DO CARE.....

Energy Conservation
From central operations such as boilers to lighting systems, kitchen equipment, and automated energy management systems, all around our property, were committed to reduce energy consumption, while sustaining-and whenever possible enhancing-our guests' holiday experience.

Water Conservation
Within guest rooms, laundries, kitchens, pools, and spas, we continue to implement efficient processes that reduce water & chemicals that are used to treat water systems and clean our hotel facilities. A big part of our efforts includes linen and towel reuse "green programs", as well as installing low-flow faucets, showerheads, and other fixtures.

Recycling and Waste Reduction
Recycling, is integrated in our daily procedures, long time now. Our main program includes, Glass / Paper / Plastic / Oil / lamps / Toners. In combination with the recycling efforts, we are also looking for opportunities as soon as their arise.

Bath Amenities
We are committed to offer our guests, custom formulated amenities. We are offering an all-natural, essential oil-based custom formulated product made without preservatives and artificial ingredients that are packaged in recyclable containers. Dispenser use possibilities are also exploited.

Room Keys
Our hotel-room key cards material, is based to bioplastic that is better for the environment but equally durable.

Cleaning Products
Recognizing the importance of safer products for guests and employees as well as the natural environment, we have already shifted our attention and partnerships, to cleaning products that are made with bio-based oils and other natural cleaners. By doing this, we have already dramatically reduced the use of chlorine based products within our property. These more natural products have demonstrated exemplary performance while reducing our environmental footprint.

Food Preparation
Integrating local products while using fresh, seasonal products and other ingredients is our way of doing things nowadays in our hotel food and beverage dpt. A shift to more sustainable and healthier cuisine offers travelers unique opportunities to experience a greater connection to the locations they are visiting in a more sustainable way.

Bottled Water Alternatives
In support of waste reduction and a higher quality experience, we have moved away from bottled water as a standard practice, while offering unique hydration options for meeting attendees and our independent guests. Conveniently located filtered water dispensers, refillable bottles in our food & beverage outlets, as well as other options designed to offer our guests convenient alternatives to water in plastic bottles.

Menu Selection
We have integrated in certain part of our menus, organic products, hormone-free meats and dairy, as well as other natural products that offer our guests, a healthier food selection during their holiday experience with us.

Following a continuously growing trend in all types of spas, we have integrated a range of treatments that feature local and indigenous ingredients as well as natural and organic products. Those practices truly offer our guests a special connection to the destination.