COVID-19 Traveler Info

The conditions created by COVID-19 are unique and need all of us to be even more mindful and respectful of each other's wellbeing.

As always, at Kresten Palace we are undeniably committed to the safety, health and comfort of our guests and staff. We are taking all the necessary measures so that anyone can travel with peace of mind and enjoy a safe stay in our hotel.

In accordance with the latest guidance form the World Health Organization as well as the Greek health authorities, we have modified our operational procedures to ensure our collective wellbeing. Please have in mind that the guidelines could be changed at any time so please check our website regularly.

Surpassing the rudimentary guidelines by elevating the standards even higher, we have developed supplementary protocols for our hotels and we are implementing increased awareness of our protection measures, so that our guests' holiday continues to be a unique experience that inspires both confidence and ease.

Our key measures and operation policies are:


  • The hotel has developed an Action Plan and a Suspected Case Management Plan
  • Cooperation with a secondary health care provider with a designated collaborating physician.
  • All health measures that have been announced by EODY (National Public Health Organization are implemented.
  • Strict adherence to the guidelines by all hotel staff, which have been trained to the new health protocols.

Public Areas

  • Regular cleaning and disinfection protocol with emphasis on surfaces of frequent contact.
  • Installation of stations with antiseptic solution for dry hand sanitization all over the hotel.
  • Signage for the compliance to all the health instructions of WHO & EODY by hotel guests.
  • Rearrangement of hotel furniture to avoid overcrowding.
  • Recommendation to avoid using elevators


  • Mandatory extension of check out - check in window.
    Check out until 11.00 am - Check In from 15.00 pm
  • Prohibition of entry into guest-rooms to non-residents.
  • Disinfection of the surfaces in reception and the room key cards.
  • Customers are offered contactless payment methods of accommodation expenses.
  • Luggage handling upon customer request.


  • Removal of decorative objects and leaflets to minimize the surfaces of frequent contact in the rooms.
  • Cleaning of the room during the guests' stay will be less frequent, upon the guest's request and when the guests are not present in the room.
  • The preparation of a room which includes changing the linen and towels will only be available upon the guest's request.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the rooms is done according to the official protocols.

Dining Services

  • The operating health protocols of stores (restaurants, bars) are followed.
  • Frequent disinfection of all high-touch surfaces is implemented.
  • Digital menus will be provided.
  • Customers are offered contactless payment methods of expenses.
  • Compliance with measures to avoid overcrowding and congestion in restaurants and bars.
  • Reduction of siting capacity.
  • Proper space between tables for safe distancing and one family per table at a time.

Beach and Pool

  • Operation of the beach and pool facilities with all the planned health and safety measures.
  • Disinfection of sunbeds, pool areas and equipment on a frequent basis.
  • Increased water quality controls. Ph and chlorine levels frequently monitored in order to guarantee pool sanitization.
  • Mandatory use of towels throughout the pool and beach areas.

Spa and Gym

  • The hotel's spa and gym are operating accordingly to the health protocols of the authorities.
  • Daily sanitization of all surfaces and after each use/appointment.
  • Social distancing measures are taken.

Safety First, Wellbeing Always